Founded in 1989, the Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc. (AHC) in West Oakland, CA, is a community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit and a member of the global network of Attitudinal Healing Centers.

Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) builds healthy communities by breaking the cycle of violence. We provide platforms for creative expression and communication for children, youth, adults and families. Through our educational programs, workshops, events and healing circles, we cultivate skills in personal development, community leadership and the arts. AHC promotes the understanding that we can choose peace over conflict and love over fear.

Our work is based on the principles of Attitudinal Healing, a non-traditional approach to mental health that develops resiliency by promoting self-awareness, mindfulness and compassion. Attitudinal Healing affirms that we are responsible for our thoughts and whatever feelings we experience. Attitudinal Healing encourages us to reexamine our relationships, bringing them into the present, by releasing past judgments and grievances. Attitudinal Healing is based on the belief that the purpose of all communication is for joining and not separation.