Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project

The Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project

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The Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project is West Oakland and Emeryville’s first large scale mural revitalization and beautification project.

Our Mission:

To revitalize, beautify, uplift, positively transform and bring hope to the West Oakland/Emeryville area. Our focus is also to reduce blight.

Our Plan:

To complete six murals in three years.


Murals will be painted in West Oakland/Emeryville under the 580 freeway on San Pablo Ave., Market St., West St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Community Engagement:

As part of the planning process, AHC surveyed residents of the Hoover Corridor Neighborhood where the murals will be immediately located. Community members were asked to describe positive & negative aspects of the neighborhood as well, as their hopes and dreams for the community and future public art pieces. Responses determine the content of the murals. AHC will be hiring mainly Oakland based artists to paint the murals, as the whole process will promote and exemplify community collaboration from beginning to end.

Youth Involvement:

The murals will be designed and conceptualized by local middle and high school students.  The project is giving youth the rare opportunity to be critically engaged in a public forum and really allowing their voices to be heard.

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The Story/Heroes:

Imagined and Created by McClymonds High School Students

Ja’Khi and Josiah

Ja’Khi – She is the princess of knowledge. She influences the people in her life to achieve the impossible. She’s a student at McClymonds High School and from her experiences she aspires to change others. Ja’Khi wears a shawl on her back that shows all the lives she positively impacted. Her Shawl helps her draw strength from the sun in order to change people’s lives. She wears a ring that persuades those around her to trust and not be so negative. Her gold tooth speaks golden words that touch the heart of those in need. Her wrist watch doubles as a time holder and a mirror. It shows the ones who may need her help and give her time to possibly change the person’s life. Ja’Khi, a West Oakland native works with Josiah in hopes of positively impacting the people of Oakland.

Josiah – He is the messenger of fate. He works together with Ja’Khi changing the lives of people. He is a McClymonds High alumnus who uses his success to help people take control of their lives. He carries a suitcase that symbolizes his success and holds opportunities that could make others successful. He gives people the chance to be great using the lessons they’ve learned from Ja’khi. He has a watch like Ja’Khi’s that shows the ones who need his help and gives him the time to do so. In his hand he holds books. These books teach and help people learn to be more caring, open minded and aware. His books can teach various valuable life lessons.  Josiah and Ja’Khi work toward influencing others to be more aware and active with the problems in our communities.

Ja’Khi and Josiah both work together with DJ Justice.

DJ Justice – He’s a DJ that spins and hosts block parties in West Oakland. These block parties are a way to unite all people and ignite fires of change. DJ Justice plays uplifting music that influences unity and change.

To be continued……….


The only thing standing in the way of the project’s progress is funding. AHC has raised enough money to complete the first mural, but needs your help to get the next five underway. For more information visit www.oaklandmuralproject.com, email muralproject@ahc-oakland.org or call 510-652-5530. Your support is what makes the dream a reality.