Annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat

Come experience an intensive three-day workshop that will strengthen your connection with your authentic soul through the art of dialogue, movement, drumming, and ritual. You will be immersed in indigenous wisdom from the Lakota and African traditions.

Through mystical soul processing grounded in indigenous wisdom, you will recognize, own, and heal the emotional and spiritual wounds that are carried from your ancestors as well as emphasize the role of your ancestors in your daily life.

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Comments from participants:

“I feel so much more loving and feel I have a better example of how to be in the world and how to see the world differently.”

“I found peace, comfort, love-grounded in healing – at this retreat. This was a celebration and renewal – one of the many gifts of my life.”

“This was an incredible 3 days! I have been moved in unimaginable ways and am grateful to be here with so many warm, openhearted, caring people. My life has been truly enriched.”