Self as Super Hero

The Self as Super Hero curriculum is grounded in the principles and processes of Attitudinal Healing. Attitudinal Healing is non-traditional mental health designed to help children and their families increase self esteem, build stronger families, and transform community.

The ArtEsteem Self as Super Hero curriculum was inspired by our current need for heroes for our children, youth and communities. The heroes we need are defined as exceptional individuals or beings who inspire, protect, and serve, standing and taking action for justice and for the well-being of the environment, people, and animals.

The hope begins with the process of imagination to envision and create the Self as Super Hero. This multidisciplinary curriculum takes children, youth, and adults through a journey of self exploration, family and cultural research, societal assessment, and development of aesthetic tools for artistic creation. The ArtEsteem Super Hero is a re-created version of the self that embodies super powers that help create a more loving and peaceful world. The goal is to provide an opportunity to engage in the arts while taking a critical look at how we can creatively solve our most pressing problems in the community and the world.

The Self as Super Hero curriculum was inspired by our current need for heroes for our youth and communities. The curriculum provides a platform for self-development, cultural sensibilities, inner awareness, and an innovative approach to arts integration while exploring voice and vision for solving our most critical problems in the community and in the world. The curriculum/book includes state standards for visual and language arts, tools for classroom communication and management, vocabulary words and definitions, and five comprehensive – integrated lessons that lead participants through the process of ultimately creating the life-size portrait and more.

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